“I have many things to be thankful for. One of them is mittens. That might sound strange but have you ever stopped to think about how much we need mittens? If we didn’t have mittens then our hands will get cold on snowy days. I think mittens are important because they warm your hands up. My favorite thing about mittens is that they come in different kinds of styles. I hope you see why I am so thankful for mittens. ”

Samara Stein

Samara Stein is 7 years old and lives in Wisconsin Dells.

Samara’s Grandmother Marcie gave her $50 to buy mittens to give to a charity so more children will have warm hands.

Samara’s Donation to CWCAC
19 pairs of kids mittens
6 kid’s hats
16 pairs of men’s mittens
5 men’s hats
15 pairs of women’s mittens
5 women’s hats

Mittens have been provided to homeless entering Pathways Homeless Shelter, those in need at Wisconsin Dells Food Pantry and to clients visiting CWCAC who are in need of mittens or hats.

CWCAC would like to Thank Samara & her Grandmother for their Generous Donation and kind hearts.