Business and Economic Development Unit

Jobs and Business Development – JBD Loans

We are a business incubator funded by contract with Wisconsin Community Action Program Association to create jobs for low­ income and disadvantaged people by developing a network of support components that will assist entrepreneurs from concept through start-up and expansions, using standard business methodology.

The goals and objectives of the program are to support and enhance an environment that encourages entrepreneurs to explore their ideas, enhance business knowledge/skills of entrepreneurs and expanding businesses, provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to access financial resources, and integrate job training with related life skills for low-income and disadvantaged people to enter jobs created by this project and maintain jobs to become economically self-sufficient.

We provide micro-loans for start-up businesses to qualified applicants. This loan must be secured by l00% collateral. If the loan is used to purchase equipment, the equipment could be included as part of the collateral.

Get Smart Skills Enhancement Program  Brochure

In November 2005 we entered into a contract with the Department of Workforce Development to increase the income and economic self-sufficiency of working poor households by helping adult members acquire the skills needed to obtain higher paying jobs with health insurance benefits. We will work with eligible participants during the year to identify training goals that will result in an increase in their annual income, by increasing their hourly wage, increasing the number of hours worked weekly and accessing employer­ sponsored health insurance.

Eligible individuals must have incomes at or below 150% of poverty and be employed a minimum of 20 hours per week. The participants will receive financial support to cover the costs of short-term training designed to increase their marketability and employability . There are limits to the amount of financial support. Staff provides a variety of support and advocacy services that look at family strengths as well as needs. Participants receive assistance in developing their individualized training plans, problem-solving, career assessment, accessing community resources and job search.

Key Points – must be l8 or older, must be at or below 150% of poverty, must be employed minimum of 20 hours/week and MAIN­ TAIN employment during training, must work with the Job Skills Coach on developing a training plan, must apply for financial aid or other programs for which they may be eligible, must maintain residence in Wisconsin. It is not intended to assist individuals who wish to attend school full-time, who expect to be in training for a long time, for those who are not working, or for those whose training will not result in increased self-sufficiency .

Due to limited funding, training dollars are restricted to short-term certificate programs (i.e., Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy, etc.) for which no financial aid is available .

Wheels To Work Car Loans (W2W)
Adams, Columbia, Dodge, Juneau & Sauk Counties.

We provide no-interest car loans to workers. Available to employed individuals whose household income is at or below 200% of federal poverty level. We provide funding for the cost of the vehicle.

Buyer is responsible for sales tax, license plates, title fee, lien fee, dealer fee (if any), and $115 Administration fee mandated by the State of Wisconsin. Buyer must also provide proof of two months of pre-paid full insurance coverage including a $500 deductible for collision and comprehensive (i.e., On a $4,500 loan, buyer will need approximately $550 +  insurance,  depending on driving record).